September 2013 Issue

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IO Sono Il Bellissimo Novecento
A Tapestry - In memory of our Cento
Novecento Del Nettuno (Imp Italy)

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September 2013 Contents




  • Vaccination update
  • Frozen semen Sheltie babies
  • Vale David Roche
  • Vale Judy Kennon Wray
  • Vale Ron Trout
  • Sgt Subby - America's First War Dog
  • The British Scene - Geoff Corish
  • Albion Park KC and the CAR Task Force
  • Guide Dogs Wet Nose Day
  • Flying Puli in Washingon DC & stunning Podenco Ibiceno sculpture in Ibiza
  • 2013 Eureka Prize for Environmental Research
  • Adverse Drug Ractions in Pets
  • Iditarod Rest Break
  • I Don't Want A Show Dog, I Just Want A Pet
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